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What is Computer Software?

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Computers have become one of the most important parts of modern society. They facilitate the communication of billions of people around the world and power almost every industry. Most people are aware of computer hardware since this is the physical equipment they interact with to operate computer systems. Despite this awareness, some people are still […]

What is Computer Hardware?

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Computers have become integral to modern society in almost every home, school, and workplace. Every computerized device consists of both hardware and software. While the software is the coded programs stored within a computer’s memory, the hardware is the computer’s physical parts. Most people on Earth will be familiar with computer hardware since billions of […]

What Is A Computer?

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Computers have changed the world and are widely used today in most countries, organizations and industries. What started as a humble development of technology has evolved into perhaps the most important spectrum of equipment that modern society relies on in the 21st century and it has all happened rather rapidly.  Computer definition Strictly speaking, a […]

What Is Information Technology?

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Information technology, or IT, is the use of computer hardware, software, and related systems to support activities on computers and the Internet. IT is a broad field of study that incorporates all aspects of computer science and engineering and many other areas. Information technology is an integral part of business management today, but it’s not […]

Disaster Recovery and Backups: The Two Critical Steps in Protecting Your Business Operations

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While both backups and disaster recovery aim to protect your critical business data, the two approaches are not equal. Due to each step’s vital part in recovery, businesses can’t afford to ignore either one when planning for business continuity. It’s the combination of both that helps deliver thorough protection that builds a resilient business. Differences […]