Analysis & Consulting

HotHeadTech offers a full range of analysis, diagnosis, and consulting services to help smart and savvy business owners take advantage of all the different tools and technologies available.

We help each and every one of our clients get the very most out of their technological investments. We’ll steer you away from disastrous technology “blunders” that could end up costing you thousands of dollars and a tremendous amount of your irreplaceable time.

Need some friendly computer advice?

HotHeadTech is a leading provider of IT support services, headquartered in South Orange, NJ.

We have become a full-service IT company for small and medium sized businesses with offices in New Jersey and New York.



Is your business up to par?

If you are serious about making the most of your business opportunities and really leveraging all that this amazing new world of industry has to offer, then you’re going to need to implement very specific technologies that allow you to get the most out of each and every single business effort.

The world of technology is constantly and consistently changing and shifting beneath our feet. New solutions are being introduced to the market on a nearly daily basis, and previous “top notch” solutions are being passed by up and comers – almost becoming obsolete – in a fraction of the time that it used to happen before.

The last thing that you can afford to do is rollout technological solutions that are inferior to your competitors, unless of course you want to languish in second place or have your business shuttered because you cannot capture market share.

That’s where our analysis and consulting services come into play.

Proper analysis starts with a diagnosis

The first thing that you’re going to be able to take advantage of when you invest in our analysis and consulting services is a full and complete diagnostic of your technology infrastructure as it stands today, as well as the specific business goals that you are looking to achieve in the future.

This is a full, in-depth diagnosis that takes a real “top to bottom” approach. Subsequent to the diagnosis, an open dialog with our technician will give you the opportunity to express your company’s technological goals and give us the opportunity to provide effective and efficient solutions to accomplish these goals in a timely manner.



Complete and total “map” for your technological future

While there is no such thing as an “evergreen” technological solution (after all, even the greatest computers today are going to be obsolete in about 18 months or so), our analysts and consultants are going to do absolutely everything they can to give you a future proof solution.

Not only will they walk you through the different solutions that are available on the market right now, but because they stay on the “bleeding edge” of the technology world, they’ll be able to give you tips and tricks that you can deploy in the future to stay in front of your competitors.

We’re talking about the most competitive business environment in human history right now. The old barriers of entry have completely gone away, and almost anyone can start a business with a laptop and Internet connection.

You’re going to need to take advantage of all the technology has to offer to stay ahead of the game, and it all begins with our analysis and IT consulting services.

Whatever your need, HotHeadTech can customize a solution that will fit your business’s individual needs.