Cabling: Voice & Data

Voice and data technology has absolutely exploded in popularity in just the last few years, and you’re going to need to leverage this technology if you want to succeed in our modern business environment. Luckily, our professionals will not only recommend to you the best voice and data services and plans, but will also help you establish an infrastructure that can support this investment.

Within today’s highly technical marketplace, it’s very simple to be confused by the amount of cabling needed for all different kinds of modern technologies. Re-wiring your office or computer systems can be a complex procedure, loaded with small expenses and unforeseen network or computer downtime.

HotHeadTech’s wiring and cable specialists can easily improve or restore order to your network or cabling infrastructure.

HotHeadTech will lay out, set up, and terminate all of your various office cabling. By complying with business specifications, our cabling professionals can easily take care of every one of your network cabling demands.



We offer an array of expertise in:

  • Network Cabling, Data and Voice making use of Category 5e, 6, and 6A cables.
  • Building or office cabling layouts.
  • Troubleshooting any voice or data issues.
  • Upgrading or rewiring your existing cables.
  • Old cabling removal and disposal.
  • Installation of any network hardware.
  • Internet antenna’s or satellite dishes.
  • Security through Audio Visual equipment and install.

Allow HotHeadTech’s skilled and professional cabling technicians support you in making the best decision for any of your networking needs. Our team can supply extensive cabling paperwork consisting of your system layout, and your voice and data locations.



Request a quote here if you need us to give you a cabling quote.

Cleanup of network cables

If your electrical storage rooms or your server rooms are a cabling problem, HotHeadTech will certainly offer redesign and cabling solutions to enhance your computers and network to make an orderly and well-maintained area for you.

Allow us to improve your out-of-date cabling infrastructures and eliminate unneeded cabling while supplying an effective cabling system that’s manageable.

Abandoned Cable Removal

According to the National Electric Code (NEC), Article 800.2 requires that all unused cables be removed from your building due to hazards which can cause fires in all parts of the building including ceilings, walls, and/or ventilation systems.

If you’re moving into a new building space, the past owner or tenant can be held responsible for the cost of this removal prior to signing the lease and moving in.

Cleaning up abandoned cables can be a daunting task and you may not know where to look to find all old cables that may cause your building or office space to be a fire hazard.

HotHeadTech is highly qualified in structured cabling and could effectively identify exactly what is deserted get rid of any and all cables and parts from any sort of vacated properties. To learn more call us at 1-877-414-0035 or simply fill out our contact form here.