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Analog Computers

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Analog computers are a form of computing that utilizes the continuous variation aspect of physical phenomena to model the problem being solved. In contrast, digital computers use discrete values of both time and amplitude to represent varying quantities. The complexity of analog computers varies from simple slide rules and nomograms to intricate naval gunfire control […]

Computer Memory: An Overview

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Computer memory is an irreplaceable element of a computer system, as it temporarily stores data and programs being utilized. Without the assist of this handy little resource, computers wouldn’t be able to operate at their peak performance level – or even function properly. By allowing quick access to the currently used data and applications, computer […]

What is a CPU?

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Computers have been around for decades and have worked their way into almost every home, school, and business. Despite the prevalence of computer equipment, many people are still confused by some of the technical language and jargon that comes with the territory. Computers consist of a variety of components, each of which performs an individual […]

Operating System Glossary

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As a tech-savvy individual, it is crucial to possess a fundamental familiarity with the lexicon and principles pertinent to operating systems. From startup directories and system invocations to virtual memory and trojans, there are many technical terms that can be perplexing for those inexperienced in the realm of computing. In this blog post, we will […]

What Is An Operating System?

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An operating system (OS) is a comprehensive collection of software that effectively manages computer hardware resources and consistently provides standardized services for computer programs.  Considered the most vital software within a computer system, an operating system performs fundamental tasks such as expeditiously recognizing input from the keyboard, accurately transmitting output to the display screen, attentively […]