Computer Inventory Management

The reason that so many businesses have been able to become wildly successful in industries that used to be “cutthroat and amazingly competitive” is thanks to computer inventory management.

Allowing you to manage all of your resources much more effectively and efficiently then you would have been able to before, this is the kind of solution that is picture perfect for almost any business.

Struggling to manage hundreds of computers? Many businesses don’t realize the extent of their technology inventory. HotHeadTech will conduct an inventory of your hardware and software and will help you keep track of warranties, service agreements, usage, and the age of your products.



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Taking An Inventory Of Your Infrastructure

An inventory of your infrastructure will assist you in the following:

  • Tracking desktop computers and laptops as they pass to different users in your organization.
  • Knowing where your leased computers are and their return dates.
  • Ensuring software and hardware licenses are in effect and their renewal dates.
  • Reviewing the purchase dates of your servers, desktops, firewalls, laptops, and software to determine needed upgrades or replacements.

HotHead knows that keeping track of your IT assets is important. A failure to catalog and fully understand the use of your technology assets can create serious financial, security, and productivity issues.

It’s absolutely impossible for you to manage all of your different computers, tablets, and other pieces of hardware and software that you use daily in your business if you do not have an effective and efficient inventory management solution.

Too many smart and savvy business owners and entrepreneurs try to “wing it” when it comes to the management of the different technological solutions that they use daily in their businesses, and it contributes to a large amount of the inefficiencies that so many people are trying to eliminate.

Even the best IT firm in the world is going to struggle if there isn’t an effective and efficient inventory management solution already in place – not only tracking what machines you have, but also critical information about those machines and the software that they are running as well.



Easily Roll Out Changes And Updates

Inventory management allows you to rollout major changes or updates with just a few clicks of a button.

When proper inventory management practices and solutions have been implemented in your business, you’re able to make sure that everyone is on the exact same page as far as your technology is concerned.

Never again are you going to have to deal with all of the major headaches and hassles that come with upgrading software or databases across hundreds and hundreds of machines, going one by one and trying to make sure that everything is in complete agreement with another.

You’re also never going to have to worry about major security breaches because you can’t track down a piece of hardware or because a piece of software has yet to be updated with the latest security protocols.

Your inventory management system will not only allow you to log when these critical of events happen have but they’ll also allow you to better understand where your technology is right and how it is being deployed.

Best Inventory Management Practices

You’ll be better able to manage and allocate resources when you have inventory management practices are in place.

Aside from being able to more efficiently tackle your IT issues, you’re also going to be able to manage and allocate resources from one department to another with more speed than you ever could before.

You’ll have a “big picture” view of where different resources are in your business right now, how they’re being used, and also have the ability to track their use so that you know whether or not a business component is operating efficiently or if it could be better managed.

You’ll also be able to upgrade your systems on a “need be” basis, saving yourself and your company a tremendous amount of money that you may not have been able to save before.

You will know exactly which software licenses are about to expire and when, which machines are obsolete and need to be replaced, which are still viable, and a whole host of other key pieces of information that you would not have known before.

All of this can be used by a smart and savvy business owner to better manage their business – providing nearly instant results across the board.

We will help you manage your technology inventory in a way that will be most cost effective and establish technology credibility throughout your organization. Contact us today to get in touch!