Here is a list of services we provide our family of clients. Click any of the bullets to find out more about each service.

  • Analysis & Consulting

    HotHeadTech offers a full range of analysis, diagnosis, and IT consulting services to help smart and savvy business owners take advantage of all the different tools and technologies available.

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  • Backup & Disaster Recovery

    Though data storage solutions have become more and more reliable in the last few years, you need to make sure that you have effectively backed up all of your data to reliable solutions, or you could end up in a major business meltdown when you least expect it.

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  • Cabling: Voice & Data

    Voice and data technology has absolutely exploded in popularity in just the last few years, and you’re going to need to leverage this technology if you want to succeed in our modern business environment.

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  • Computer Inventory Management

    The reason that so many businesses have been able to become wildly successful in industries that used to be “cutthroat and amazingly competitive” is thanks to computer inventory management.

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  • Firewall & Security Management

    Cybercrime is a very real and very serious issue, and you need to make sure that you are completely and totally protected at all times with firewall management.

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  • Relocation Services

    Relocating your offices or just some files on your computer can be a hassle and cause headache that you just don’t need. Take advantage of our relocation experts and services, and we’ll do all of the “heavy lifting”.

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  • Security and Fire Systems

    While it’s critical that you have installed all different kinds of safety features into your technology, you also need to make sure that your physical promise is protected as well with security and fire systems.

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  • Support & Maintenance Services

    No matter how advanced the technical solution that you are proceeding with may be, you need regular support and maintenance to make sure that it is working exactly as it should. We also provide managed IT support as well as small business computer help.

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