Backup & Disaster Recovery

Though data storage solutions have become more and more reliable in the last few years, you need to make sure that you have effectively backed up all of your data to reliable solutions, or you could end up in a major business meltdown when you least expect it.

If you have already experienced that major business meltdown as far as your data is concerned, then don’t panic. By working with our disaster recovery experts, we should be able to recover most of (if not all) of your data – getting you up and running again with minimal downtime.



After you lose data, it’s too late!

The goal of a data backup system is to restore your data in the event it is lost or corrupted. HotHeadTech.com can help ensure that you have the measures and procedures in place to recover your data. Many events can cause data loss. These include:

  • Lightning strikes
  • Power outages
  • Accidental resetting or rebooting of your systems
  • Accidental deletion of files
  • A disk component simply gives out due to wear and tear
  • System/program malfunctions
  • Virus attacks



Why you need to invest in disaster recovery services?

Imagine this scenario for a moment:

You’re right in the middle of a major business decision, a decision that will literally impact your business’s future and the lives of your family (especially your bank account) for years and years to come.

You and your key employees and management team have been going over all different kinds of information and data for the last three months or so, and a final report has been compiled outlining the critical components you need to pay attention to, as well as the recommended plan of action.

You know you’re up against the deadline, as the window of opportunity is continuing to close. However, when you go to login to your company’s infrastructure to read the report, all you’re presented with is a blue screen with a blinking cursor.

Contacting your NJ IT department, you get the worst news you could have ever imagined – there’s been a catastrophic failure of your data storage solution, and there may not be a way to recover things.



Disaster recovery solutions are essential today

Many small business owners, entrepreneurs, and business executives just like yourself will deal with a data failure of some magnitude or another this year and it’s critical that you have invested in the right disaster recovery services.  Do not only cure the issue the moment it crops up, but protect your company from these issues in the future.

Our team of dedicated experts have been well versed in almost all of the different data recovery solutions available right now, and has even pioneered a number of their own.

Capable of taking even the most “foregone” piece of data storage technology you have and breathing new life into it – at least enough life to get the files off of it and transfer them to a more stable piece of technology – the work that our disaster recovery experts perform is nothing short of a modern miracle.

“Future proofing” your data storage technology moving forward

Even though our disaster recovery experts are almost exclusively called in after a catastrophe has already struck, our clients rely on these professionals to provide them with the answers they need to make sure that a catastrophe never happens again.

Not only working closely with business owners like yourself to analyze the data stored solution you are currently using, our experts will also provide you with the advice you need to upgrade your equipment, create more efficient backups that you can rely on should a catastrophe strike again, and outline the specific steps you need to take to make sure that you never have to go through this headache and hassle ever again.

There is a real reason why so many people rely on our data recovery and disaster recovery solutions on a regular and routine basis. We get the job done, we protect your data, and we make sure that you are protected in the future.

HotHeadTech.com provides backup systems for all size companies. Whether you have a single office or multiple locations, we customize our solutions to your business needs.

We combine the use of external hard drives with advanced backup software to create exact snapshots of the server system, allowing a complete system restore directly from the backup media. Using superior technology, we bring you a service loaded with features including continuous data protection, automatic or scheduled backups, and more.