Livingston, New Jersey

William Livingston was New Jersey’s first governor. He is heralded as one of the US Constitution’s framers and served as a governor for a total of 13 individual terms before passing away in 1790. The town of Livingston was named in his honor.

The Force Homestead Museum, situated at 366 South Livingston Ave., opens up to the general public on each second Sunday every month. The Livingston Historical Society’s members conduct tours, and further, private tours can be arranged.

Map of Livingston, NJ


Newark settlers bought a land tract in 1702 that surrounded the areas we know as Livingston, West Essex, and Caldwell. 130 pounds was paid to the Indians of Lenni Lenape by them. Seven hamlets – which included Route 10 Circle (Squiertown), Washington Place, Livingston Mall (Cheapside), Livingston Circle (Morehousetown), Northfield, and Livingston Center (Teedtown) petitioned together to form the Township of Livingston in 1811.

Early Politics

The initial town meeting in Livingston took place in early 1813. During the meeting, inhabitants wanted the town to be overseen by both a Township Committee and a mayor. Approximately 100 individuals (most of which were farmers) resided in the town during that time. Early on, lumber and farming were the Township’s main income sources. When the Civil War was taking place, shoemaking turned into a strong industry. Eventually, the dairy industry became what Livingston was known for, post-Civil War, remaining that way toward the 20th century.

Original Schools

Livingston’s first school was constructed in 1783. It was comprised of a single-room schoolhouse located on Northfield Road (today, Roosevelt Plaza occupies that space). The population did not go very fast since the town wasn’t near to a central rail line. One of the first toll roads was the Initial Turnpike in New Jersey on Mount Pleasant Ave., which ran through Livingston. During the 1800s, it would take the average person one day to get to Morristown from Newark by stagecoach. The population expanded to 1500 from 1000 between the early 1800s and the early 1900s (1813 to 1920).

Location of Livingston High School today at 30 Robert H Harp Drive

Here’s how you can get to the Elementary School from the High School:


This area turned into a commuting neighborhood once the automobile was invented, and hard surface highways were constructed. Housing developments began to replace farms after the second World War had ended, which saw many people relocate to Livingston. It didn’t take long for the town to grow – to the point where almost 10,000 people inhabited Livingston by 1950. A decade later, that statistic increased to about 23,124. By 1970, the town inhabited 31,653 people.

A New Style of Government

In 1957, the Council-Manager Form started up again in Livingston. This new government body was comprised of five different citizens of Livingston, making up the Town Council. The mayor is selected each year from one of the Council’s members. 

Based on a census taken in 2010, there is currently a population in Livingston that reaches almost 30,000 people. Residents today enjoy a suburban lifestyle that is quite comfortable. It isn’t hard to get to New York City and other New Jersey areas, from Livingston. Route 24, New Jersey Turnpike, the Golden State Pkwy., and interstates 280 and 80 are all situated nearby. The homes in Livingston come in all shapes and sizes. There is a renowned public school system in the town comprised of a couple of middle schools, six elementary schools, and one high school (the latter of which was a recipient of the Blue-ribbon award over 20 years ago by the US Department of Education). The town’s SYLS (Senior, Youth, and Leisure Services) oversee a couple of community pools, basketball courts, playgrounds, and tennis courts. Adult and youth athletic programs are available, as are a wide array of activities and assistance programs for the elderly. Livingston’s quality of life thrives mostly because residents participate in more than 40 different committees and boards voluntarily.

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