VoIP Services – How Your Business Can Benefit

Business VoIP systems provide companies – large and small – with an array of services such as HD voice-calling, audio and video conferencing, cloud PBX with auto-attendant, team messaging, etc.

This service allows businesses to integrate their critical productivity business apps that help propel them to success.

Why Should Small Businesses Seriously Consider The Services of a VoIP? 

Small businesses don’t usually have the funds that larger companies have at their disposal. With a VoIP provider, you make calls via the Internet, which translates to savings.

Every business uses the Internet in some form or fashion, which allows the business to use their Internet to make phone calls instead of a traditional phone service.

No added fees. No expensive long-distance or international calls.

Here is a comparison breakdown of each service type:

Traditional Lines

  • Thousands of dollars spent upfront on on-site hardware
  • Thousands of dollars on complex implementations
  • Locked into contracts with fees for terminating early
  • Expensive fees for hardware and software upgrades
  • Added fees to get better technical support
  • Specially-trained IT techs to handle maintenance needs
  • Service change requests take time to implement

VoIP Systems

  • No need for on-site hardware
  • Rapid implementations made without added costs
  • No monthly contracts
  • Free upgrades
  • Free 24/7 customer support
  • Add or repurpose lines whenever necessary
  • Easy management of system with smart devices

4 Detailed Advantages To Using A VoIP Service Provider For Your Communications Needs 

This comparison breakdown gives you a glimpse into the benefits small companies gain with a VoIP service than they’d see with a traditional phone service. What are some detailed reasons to consider a VoIP phone service provider for your internal and external communications?

Low Cost

The biggest reason small businesses are turning to VoIP systems is the cost. It’s much lower than a traditional landline phone. After all, it uses the Internet to make calls, including long-distance and international calls.

On top of that, the PBX component is hosted over the Internet, which means there is no need for upfront costly hardware equipment such as physical PBX boxes and bulky servers.


Small businesses can use a VoIP system to communicate with customers or employees even when they’re not in the office. They can use features such as advanced call forwarding to send calls to other numbers, take calls using free-calling apps available on smart devices and utilize virtual extensions on any PC with the download of free software.


As a small business grows, so will their communications needs. A dependable IP phone system should be able to grow with you. If you add employees to the payroll, you should have the option to add virtual extensions (without the need for wiring and cables). If you’re opening an office somewhere else in the nation, the small business VoIP service can tie all the offices to a single line.   You don’t need a different provider for every location.


A traditional on-site system means owners must hire people to take care of it. With a business VoIP phone service, communications are handled through the user-friendly web interface that can be accessed via any device with the Internet.

Upon logging into the system, small businesses command it, with features they didn’t have previously on their devices. You can set your operating hours based on available personnel. You can also take advantage of the physical plug-and-play VoIP phones offered to small businesses by providers. You can either lease or buy them, which work similarly to landline phones but over VoIP.

As you can see, small businesses can benefit significantly from a VoIP system compared to a traditional landline service.

Small Business VoIP Solutions Provide The Ultimate Flexibility

Small business owners who use traditional on-site systems won’t have all the benefits a VoIP service provider offers without added costs. If they need a new phone extension, they have to install cables. If they’re opening another office, they will need a new telephone number and have a separate communications system.  On top of that, the offices are equipped with outdated phone equipment such as desk phones and PBX boxes.

What makes a small business VoIP phone system so great is the numerous solutions it provides to small businesses – solutions that can be adjusted to meet a company’s communications and teamwork needs.

While other phone solutions are available to choose from, it’s the VoIP phone system that can be tailored to a small business’ needs. It doesn’t matter if the reason is for growth or streamline reductions; it’s a phone system that uses the existing Internet system to meet the company’s needs.

Small Business VoIP Phone Systems Are Adjustable Based On Communications Needs

Many companies are taking advantage of the cloud for their business communications needs. After all, they get a host of benefits that typical landline service providers don’t give them:

Virtual Phone Lines

Rather than using PTSN, you’ll be using Voice over Internet Protocol, which means phone calls and other communications can happen wherever there is an Internet connection. Virtual phone numbers, along with traditional ones, can receive toll-free or local calls. It’s easy to add a number with existing accounts.

Virtual Extensions

This user-friendly interface allows you to add or remove extensions for employees and departments. You don’t have to worry about cable or hardware setups. When you have a business VoIP phone service, you just add lines for new employees or remove them when employees leave.

VoIP phones can be added as an extension line, but you don’t need a physical phone. Just make the connection via your mobile device or computer using a third-party app.

Cloud PBX

You get innovative business phone features that are typically offered on traditional phone systems for added costs. These features include call forwarding, voicemail, auto-attendant, etc. The difference is that a business VoIP phone system is hosted at remote information centers with multiple servers – primary and backups).

This system is accessed through the web, which makes it accessible anywhere an Internet connection is possible. Thus, employees are connected to the business even when they’re not at the business.  

Why Choose HotHeadTech.com For Your Small Business’ Communications Needs

If you want to remain a competitive force in your industry, you need to take advantage of every benefit offered to you. One such benefit is a small business VoIP service provider. At HotHeadTech.com, you benefit from our latest cloud technology features so that you get a potent phone solution that propels you above the competition.

As you know, it’s not just about meeting your communications needs; it’s about rising above other companies in the industry. This is what will lead to success!

In times’ past, small business VoIP was seen as a substitute for expensive on-site phone systems. Today, it is the go-to service with a range of features that outdo traditional providers. The reality is that VoIP phone service is the better choice for businesses of all sizes, but especially so for small businesses looking to establish themselves.